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After getting a new tattoo, you need to properly take care of it to ensure that your skin heals as quickly as possible and the design stays vibrant. Avoid any problems by purchasing the aftercare products we offer at The Tattoo Coven in Springfield, Missouri.

We also offer merch including shirts, hoodies, hats and more that you can purchase anytime! Continue to browse this page to see all of our products. All of our items are available to clients nationwide. 

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Stress Boobies

Sometimes tattoos hurt and you just need something to squeeze. Instead of hurting your friend or your artist we have stress boobies to do the job. Everyone loves boobies!

Stress Boobies $5.00


Coven Cat Baseball Shirt

Our soft unisex baseball tees come in sizes SM-3XXL. Designed by our lovely artist Sam. This is our first shop shirt we have available.

Coven Cat Baseball Shirt

Coven Zip Up Hoodie

The Coven Hoodies come in a varitey of sizes from SM-3XXL. All are taylored for a unisex fit, and fit mostly true to size. Designed by our talented artist, Nikki. With it being our first shop hoodie we created a design to carry it’s  vintage look for years to come. A tattoo machine is stamped on the front left side. All hoodies are Emerald Green.

Coven Zip Up Hoodie $40.00


I Love My Parents

What kid doesnt want to show there love for thier parent’s ink? Our unisex kids shirt say just that. With sizes running from SM(4-5)-XXL(14) we should be able to fit the entire family.

I Love My Parents $20.00


Tattoos By Sam 2019



Nikki B Tattoo 2019



Nikki B Wolf Shirt



Sam Ross Lady Shirt



Coven Flat Bill

Our Tattoo Coven flat bills are embroidered with the shops logo. The hat is gray with a black bill and can be adjusted to fit any tattoo lover.

Coven Hat $25.00

After Inked Sample

After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer and Aftercare Lotion. Enriched with Grape Seed Oil. Reseable sample pack .24FL Oz. This sample size is perfect for those smaller tattoos around hand size or smaller.

After Inked Sample $3.00

After Inked Tube

After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer and Aftercare Lotion. Enriched with Grape Seed Oil. Unique formula that delivers effective moisturizarion for tattoos.

3FL. Oz.

After Inked Tube $15.00

Explore Our Portfolio