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Our Artists

Learn more about our talented tattoo artists; Sam, Nikki, Amanda, Zack and Kristen.

With their skills, we’re certain that you’ll get the tat you’ve been dreaming of. 


Sam Walker

Sam is a mother to a remarkable 9 year old boy, who is her whole world. She loves sushi, beer and crafting. You can find some her prints, painted saws and pressed framed flowers at the shop. 

 Sam enjoys doing black and grey work known especially for doing floral, geometric dot work and her whip shading. She's also known to do micro tattoos, smaller work with detail. She took home a first place award from Oklahoma City for the best geometric / dot work TWICE! Sam is loud and full of puns, with a potty mouth and no filter. This often leads to her clients laughing throughout their tattoos, returning for more and quickly becoming a part of the coven family. 

If you wish to book an appointment with Sam directly, the best way is to reach out to her on her tattoo Facebook page, at Sam Walker Tattoos


Nikki B

Nikki is one of the most hardworking women you'll meet. Besides running a business, Nikki is a fiancé, a mother of two beautiful goddesses (a teen and a toddler), and a houseful of fluffy animals! When she has free time she enjoys painting, and she's a lover of Sushi and movies!

Nikki may seem all business, but don't let that fool you, she loves cutting up with her clients. Nikki makes sure her clients leave with a story to tell and a tattoo they love. Nikki enjoys all types of tattoos and has a variety of favorites. She can knock out some killer black and gray shading, but she also loves to do bright bold color work. Nikki has won an award for almost every category at the conventions, which is proof that she can do anything. At the shop you can find prints and stickers made by Nikki, as well as custom painted saws! 


If you wish to make an appointment with Nikki directly, the best way is through her tattoo Facebook page at Nikki B Tattoos


Amanda Herren

Amanda is truly an all around amazing artist!  When she's not creating tattoos, shes crafting another project. Every year for Halloween Amanda has the best costumes and the best yard displays, she goes all out with a new theme every year and full DIY! Amanda is also known for the Barbies that she revamps with way more style and tattoos, these are sold at the shop if you want to check them out! On top of all of her projects, she finds time to be an incredible mom to her teenage daughter. Amanda has been tattooing over 15 years with plenty of experience and stories to back it. She is a perfect fit to our diverse shop. She's definitely the shop's "best dressed" with a side of sass and a lot of talent. Amanda is our watercolor Queen! her watercolor is absolutely incredible. Don't let that stop you from getting other styles from Amanda though, her work has landed multiple awards in color AND black and grey. She is a humble artist who strives to have that personal one on one with her clients to make sure you have the best possible experience. 


If you wish to directly book an appointment with Amanda the best way to reach her is to text her work phone at 417 766 3393, or you may email her at


​Zack Hook

Zack makes working with a bunch of women look easy! He has been such a good fit with the ladies at the coven. Zack is super easy to talk to and can easily take your tattoo ideas and turn them into masterpieces. Zack started off piercing, he has been in the industry for over 24 years! Zack has been tattooing full time for over 16 years so he certainly knows what he’s doing. He's our "shop pop" that we can go to for any tattoo or dude related questions. Zack's favorite tattoos are realistic black and grey pieces. bonus points if it includes an animal. Zack's work is absolutely amazing. While Zack doesn't care much for tattoo conventions, he's still out there consistently winning awards for his other skills. When he’s not tattooing he’s enjoying his time with his gorgeous and intelligent wife, in addition to his adorable son. They’re an extremely active family and enjoy doing all sorts of things together including mountain biking, hiking, trail running, competitive shooting, traveling, camping and pretty much anything outdoors! 


If you wish to book an appointment directly with Zack , the best way is to email him at 


Kristen Hilton

Kristen is a Missouri native, born right here in southwest Mo! 

She attended Ozark for most of her early school years and graduated from Republic. Kristen is, and always has been, good at absolutely anything she tries to do. This is especially frustrating on karaoke night when she blows everyone away with her amazing voice and makes us all look like drunk idiots :) She's also great at being a mom. She has 2 beautiful silly kids, a boy and a girl, so her hands are full!

She spends most of her free time with her family and taking care of her plethora of fish tanks. She's our barefoot river girl that can hang with the best of them. She's got balls of steel and a heart of gold. Known for her quick wit and loud mouth she is sure to make anyone laugh.


Kristen has won multiple tattoo awards already and there are many more to come! Kristen specializes in full-color realism and neotraditional but considers herself a "Jack of all trades." If you wish to book an appointment with Kristen the best way is to email the shop at and state that you wish to book with her specifically.

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