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How to prepare for your tattoo!


Remember to bring your I.D. & your payment for the tattoo. Keep in mind to budget for a tip if you'd like to tip your artist. Card transactions do have a 4% processing fee.

Whether this is your first tattoo or your twentieth tattoo, we've got you covered in tips and tricks! These are the best ways to prepare for a tattoo.

- Try to get plenty of rest the night before

- Avoid alcohol

- Try to be hydrated! Feel free to bring a beverage, we also have water and soda for you at the shop!

- Eat a light meal beforehand

- If you're sick, reach out to your artist about rescheduling

- Bring a change of clothes or think about what you're wearing. If your tattoo placement is close to your clothing make sure it's something your'e not afraid to get a little ink on. If we need to roll up a sleeve or a pant leg, make sure it's loose enough to do so. If you're getting a spine or a sternum piece, bring a button up or zip up, something that fully opens on one side. 

- Feel free to bring a friend, we've got extra seating near every booth. Children are allowed in the studio as long as they are able to take care of themselves during the tattoo or there is another adult to take care of them.

- If it's a long session, remember you can bring a pillow or a blanket, as well as a book, headphones, or whatever else you'd like to make your tattoo session comfortable. 



Click below to read about aftercare!

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