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some call it a tattoo session,

others call it therapy.


When your session is finished, your artist will clean and cover the area. We generally use Saniderm, but we have another option for those sensitive to adhesive. We go over taking care of your tattoo, and then we provide you with a care sheet to take home.

We sell tattoo soap and multiple tattoo ointments in the shop. We even have an aftercare pack with soap, ointment and some added goodies for $35. If you're looking for something to purchase before your tattoo appointment, you can always use antibacterial soap and unscented lotion.

Properly taking care of a new tattoo is crucial to prevent scabbing, loss of color and detail, scarring, and infection. Keep in mind it is an open wound and you need to keep it clean. Remember to wash your hands before touching your new tattoo. Your tattoo can take anywhere from weeks to months to heal.


After it's healed, always use sunscreen on your tattoo when exposed to long periods of sun. 


If you experience any color loss or scarring during your heal, reach out to your artist to set up a touch up. As long as this touch up is scheduled within 6 months of getting the tattoo, the touch up is free. 


Touch - Up Policy


How to take care of your tattoo!



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