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Deposit Policy

            Thank you for taking the time to read through the deposit policy. We really appreciate your trust throughout this whole process. You can find the best way to book with your artist on the "Artists" tab. 

                 Upon booking you will be asked to pay a deposit from $100 to $200 depending on the time slot needed.  This is required and non-refundable. This money holds your spot and goes towards the design process and the tattoo total.

               Tattoo arists only get paid if you show up, so if you don't show up that money is immediately forfeited for that time slot you reserved. IF you need to reschedule and want your deposit to be transferred to your new appointment date you MUST get ahold of your artist at least 72 hours in advance to reschedule. Your original deposit will still go towards your tattoo but you will be asked to pay a new deposit for every reschedule.

                     Remember, when you reschedule, your artist doesn't always find somebody to fill your spot. Constant rescheduling can cause a lot of lost wages and will result in a refusal to reschedule and forfeit of deposit.

          You can not transfer your deposit to anybody else or to a different tattoo. If your artist draws you something and you change your mind, you will be asked to pay a new deposit for a new design.  

If there is severe weather and roads are unsafe we ask that you get ahold of your artist a.s.a.p. to discuss rescheduling. 

             Thank you for reading and better understanding our policy.

We look forward to working with you!


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